Terms and Conditions


New Bookings

To make an initial booking please contact us in the office on 01273 256354 or email us at info@runschool.co.uk


At Run School we have a re-booking loyalty system which gives our existing pupils booking priority – please see further details under heading ‘fees and payment’ and ‘discounts’.


We will send you a renewal in 2nd part of your term with us detailing your lessons for the following term – please do check your renewal as there may be a time or tutor change.

Unless we hear from you to the contrary;

We will automatically re-book you in for the same class, at the same time and at the same location. A renewal email will be sent out to you confirming these details. You will then have up until 2 weeks before the start of the renewable term to confirm by payment if you want to keep this place. If 2 weeks before the start of the term payment has not been received your booking may be cancelled and places offered to others. If you no longer want this space then please let the office know so the space can be released for others. If you would prefer a different class time then you will need to let us know you no longer want the space held for you and sort your new space ASAP.

Please read and check you’re booking details / Run School renewal carefully. If you are unsure or want to query any details then please phone the office as soon as possible on 01273 256354.

Run School reserves the right to amend dates, times, location, classes or fees at any time.


Run School reserves the right to change tutors at any point during the term. However we do try and keep the same teacher throughout the term for continuity; however this cannot always be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances that might occur.


Run School reserves the right to cancel classes in which the number of attendees falls below a viable level. In such cases every effort would be made to find a suitable alternative. If a suitable alternative is not found and the course has already been paid for a credit note for the full course will be issued and can be used for any future course booking. If there are any changes to the existing charge then the difference must be paid. Credit may be given for cancellations at the discretion of the office and under certain circumstances. In these circumstances written confirmation will be required. Refunds cannot be given prior to, during or after the classes. Credits cannot be given for children who refuse to or do not participate in their classes. Every effort is always made at the time to integrate them into their class. Credit for a long term medical issue will require a prior written request for credit and in some situations a doctor’s note.

PLEASE NOTE: Out of consideration for other Run School customers if you wish to cancel your lessons please do so at the earliest point possible to release your reserved space for others.

Fees and payments

Payment for Run School lessons can be made in the following ways:


Please call us in the office in order to make your payment by card over the phone. Your credit card payment will be subject to a 2{a5b940f0c25e7fedb8983247d7d2d4d86c30443a280b1b2f21b3b92f24905d9f} surcharge, debit cards are subject to a 20p surcharge – which will be added at the payment stage.


From term to term you need do nothing! We keep your card details on our secure database, send you your renewal letter as usual and then debit your course fee from that card on or after the pay by date if you have not contacted us. This method of payment will guarantee you get the early bird discount for renewals each & every term! Your credit card payment will be subject to a 2{a5b940f0c25e7fedb8983247d7d2d4d86c30443a280b1b2f21b3b92f24905d9f} surcharge, debit cards are subject to a 20p surcharge – which will be added at the payment stage.


Please send your course fees to The Co-Operative Bank. Call / email the office for account details;


Fill in the form below and send it with your cheque (with your child’s name and venue on the reverse), payable to Run School, to the address below, or take it to your Run School tutor by the pay by date.

PLEASE NOTE: Any unpaid cheque returned to us will incur a £6 administration fee payable to Run School in addition to the normal charge for our lessons. This fee is to cover the charge that we incur from the bank in this circumstance and for the necessary additional administration.



5{a5b940f0c25e7fedb8983247d7d2d4d86c30443a280b1b2f21b3b92f24905d9f} for existing pupils only when termly invoice is paid in full by the end of the pay by date requested; please do not request early bird discounts at any other time, as refusal often causes offence.


Fees not paid by the 3rd week of your term will be subject to a £10 administration fee per pupil.


If 3 siblings attend Run School, the lowest fee will be discounted to half price, the 4th class will be free when 3 classes attended and paid for in full. The lowest priced class is the free class.


i.e. you cannot use the early bird alongside sibling discount.

All classes throughout the term must be paid for, irrespective of whether or not your child attends all classes.

Catch-up classes
Please note that if a class or classes are missed for reasons beyond the control of Run School then the provision of a ‘catch-up’ class or classes is not a mandatory service but a courtesy service and goodwill gesture we try and offer to our customers. Their provision cannot be guaranteed and the following conditions apply: The same location, teacher, class size and time cannot be guaranteed. If a catch-up class is to be offered for an alternative Run School class then they can only be arranged to be taken in the same term and are subject to spaces and staff being available.

Catch up classes will not be offered if you are unable to attend your lesson because of Snow or any other reason that is beyond Run Schools control. If the lessons are cancelled we will endeavor to put on another session within the half-term or holidays.

Medical Information

Please advise us at the time of booking of any medical conditions or previous injuries we should be aware of for an athlete. Please also include: asthma, epilepsy, allergies etc…
If at any time an athletes medical condition changes, that we as a company should be aware of, you must inform us as soon as possible. This can either be done by calling the office on 01273 256354, emailing the office info@runschool.co.uk or informing your tutor. All medical information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Children who need access to inhalers should take them with them to Run School and give them to their tutor or have them readily available for the duration of their lesson.

During the course of the term, if your child suffers from any gastric illnesses please be aware that it is recommended your child does not attend Run School for at least 5 days following. This will help provide a safe and hygienic environment for our pupils!

Please make sure your child has at least an hour after eating before attending Run School.

At the Run School venues

Parents must check in young children.

Please only park in the designated areas on the venue grounds. Run School will advise you of your venues parking restrictions in your welcome letter.

Please note that all articles left on the premises at any of the venues we use are left entirely at the owner’s risk. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

In case of emergency, and if an evacuation is necessary, please stay calm and follow the guidance of our staff.

Lost Property

All premises are checked by Run School staff at the end of every Run School session and any items found are kept in lost property at the same premises (see below for exceptions) Exception 1: Any items found deemed to be unsanitary to keep are thrown away instantly. Exception 2: Any items found deemed to be of large monetary value are returned to the Run School office. All items are kept for the duration of the term they are found in. At the end of that term, if they have not been claimed, items will either be donated to local charity shops or thrown away. To enquire if something you have lost has been found by us please either email the office info@runschool.co.uk or ask the tutor at the following weeks lessons.

Our Services

All classes are limited to a maximum size of 12 pupils. We aim to provide an assistant for all of our classes. Run School lessons are taught by qualified teachers and our assistants are all athletes themselves. All of our staff are obliged to attend regular first aid courses and our tutors are all 1st Aiders. All staff are DBS checked and we are fully insured.

Run School

Run School reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time.

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