First Aid training for young people – building a future generation of LIFESAVERS

If every child learned first aid at school age, thousands more lives could be saved.

Would you agree that all children should know how to save a life? Would you agree that all children should know how to deliver basic first aid, know how to put a person in the recovery position and how to call the emergency services?

We believe that all young people should have access to first aid training.
To help reach this goal the STA has developed the Junior Medic Programme; a comprehensive course aimed at children of junior school age, which covers such issues as what to do if someone has a sprain, broken a bone, has an asthma attack, heart attack or suffers cuts and grazes. We are excited and proud to be bringing this STA recognised programme to the children of Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas.

Why choose the Junior Medic Programme?
The Junior Medic Programme can be used as a standalone programme enabling it to be delivered in schools, holiday clubs, and community groups and as an additional activity for out of school clubs. Our programme can be broken down into bite size chunks allowing flexibility within the your timetable.

AWARDS: The Junior Medic hosts a series of awards that builds personal confidence as well as developing first aid and resuscitation skills. These awards include Medic First Aid and Medic Resus and are skills that could save a life.

Our training offers practical, fun and interactive first aid training. The STA Junior Medic course also meets National Curriculum requirements for Science, PSHE/Citizenship and PE.

Swim-Teach-Train are partners with WetWetWet Swim School & Activities 4 Kids Holiday camps and parties, so we have heaps of experience with children of all ages and learning abilities, and how to engage this age group in their chosen subject.

FEES: Please enquire for individual quotations.

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